Sangh Shakti Kalau Yuge

(Unity would remain power in Kaliyug.)

Chronology of residence

Chronology of residence of Dharmaj is very old. Originally it was belongs to garasia community. As per customary legend a rabari named Dharma was came first. He used to stay at Khadiyari Talavadi (at present border of village) before 900 years. He used to come to place which is now Dharmeshwer Mahadev in main market to graze the cattle. Presently where there is shivaling, as on one cow came near it, milk started to flow from her udders spontaneously. Out of curiosity, Dharma started to dig at that place and found shivaling. He built small temple over there. It is now known as Dharmeshwer Mahdev.

Settlement of Patidars

Patidars settled at Dharmaj in two phases. In first phase around Vikram Samvat 1212 that is 1155 A. D.  Narshibhai Patel arch founder of Juni Khadaki (Sardar Chowk) settled from Jargal village.