Dear Dharmjians,

“Back To Basics” theory is catching pace in today’s world. Everyone is eager & excited to find out more about their motherland, fore fathers, inheritors and inheritance. The Kings, The Royals and every other community has their own records of genealogy / linage and so do we also have one.

Late Shri Motibhai Amin of Vaso, The Pioneering figure in the field of library movement of Gujarat had published first such vanshavali of six gaam patidar samaj in year 1924. We have taken that vanshavali (family tree) as our base of source for our project. We are launching “Dharmaj Dharohar (Digital Vanshavali)” mobile application on 12th January 2020 at 14th Dharmaj Day celebration.

Dharmaj has always been known for its bold experimentations and adoption of innovative ideas. As one more such step towards it, we have taken up the task of encompassing the details of our daughters who are already married and daughters in law into this digital vanshavali.

We are collecting detail information of Dharmajians by door to door campaign. As we all know that “Our Dharmaj is Global Dharmaj”. So for ease of NRD (Non Resident Dharmajian), we are launching this link through which they can fill the form for their family details.


This project is meant for Social Service only. This information won’t be counted as an authentic source in case of legal disputes. Any information of the members will not be divulged to anyone and anywhere without prior permission of such members. Verifications of the names or details of persons or their ancestors will be done by consulting the elders of our village. Total project will be in digital form which will enable us to alter it in future as and when need arise.

Let us join hands in this noble cause of honoring our daughters and daughters in law to take our Dharmaj one step ahead in the direction of Social revolution.